Welcome To LGBT World Jessy

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Welcome To LGBT World Jessy

Post by Admin on Sun Jul 05, 2015 10:43 pm

Welcome to LGBT World Jess

Hello I am your Admin Jess I have created this forum for all of you to share your thoughts/opions/experiences and story's or maybe your finding it hard to come out about your sexuality and are looking for some advice and support on this. I will also gladly answer any questions you may have and be more than happy to help with any problems

This forum aims to give Lesbians, Gays, Bi Sexual and Transsexual's the freedom to speak and have their say about life in general

Looking to start a family of your own but think people will judge you being the same sex?
Looking for a Girlfriend?
Looking for a Boyfriend?
Looking to make friends and discover more people like yourself?
Looking to find your self?
Looking for same sex marriage?
Looking for Same sex Divorce?
Looking for support with bereavement?

This forum was created for these reasons and many more

Most clubs in our local areas are getting closed down due to lack of funding's people like us are finding it very hard to speak out without the right kind of support

I have known for years I was gay but I never spoke out to my family or friends till a couple of months ago I was scared of how people would judge me after but I know one thing for sure is I felt so much better for it afterwards I realised that now people knew the real me I didn't have to hide under someone I wasn't I didn't have to have pretend relationships with boy , I could finally settle down with a girl and start looking for a girl I was ready to start living the life the way I always wanted it but if I hadn't spoken out then I would of never been able to unlock that freedom after all your the only one with your key and that door stays closed till your ready to unlock it and its much better to unlock it sooner rather than later so come on guys be true to your self and unlock that door for you are you and you are unique in your own special way and someone out there will be so proud when they find you and will never want to let you go shine like that special diamond I know you are.



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